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Smiling Businesswoman

A fabulous company with great service. Kind and profesional. Very attentive to the wants of the clients. 10/10 highly recommend!

Claudia Velez

Host Greeting Guests

Dana designed my 4 bedroom investment property for Airbnb in Sarasota, Florida. She was organized, efficient, and was mindful of my budget. Throughout the entire process she kept me involved in the color and furniture choices and managed all the vendor deliveries and installations. The home is cozy, attractive, and functional for my guests. I have received numerous compliments from my guests on the décor and furniture. I would definitely hire her again to design my next investment home!

Reginald Neal

Young Designer

 I had an initial consultation to discuss my style and design goals. When I was unsure of my style or design goals, they worked with me to refine them. After determining my style, wants and needs, they mapped out room for my current items and items that needed to be purchased, they then offered me options for the new furnishings I needed to purchase at different price points.
I was moving to a new home and they even went and set up the furniture in the new home as it was delivered so that the space was ready when I moved.

Calaura Smith

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