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Furnish Your Investment Property by Our Team

Hi, I’m Michelle, President and Designer at Dimora Designs and you are going to hire me to design your STR or Investment property.

Your First Prioritization is Guest experience!

When you have a STR property you have to think about the maximum number of guests your property can hold and apply that scenario to every room.

Follow along for more STR design tips.

Choosing the correct furniture for a STR is key.

  • If your property holds four people then you don’t need a large dining room table that seats 6-8. Unless you have the room for it. If you have a smaller property like a 2/2 condo, a small table for casual eating will do just fine.

  • If you have twelve guests & only a love seat & one chair in the living room your guests won’t be able to get comfortable and relax.

  • If you decide to have bunk beds in a guest room then you are inviting children into your home. Therefore the rest of design should be based mostly around children to ensure your property is safe, functional and practical.

Keep us on retainer and we will offer semi-annual

or yearly upgrades to your property including offer new furniture and design selections.

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